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Cadbury World visit


Cadbury World Logo

Our children have been writing a recount about their trip to Cadbury World.

They were asked to focus on:

chronological order

time connectives

varying sentence starters

Please comment about how successful they have been.

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A descriptive diary entry as mike tv.


Dear diary,
Today I visited Mr Willy wonka’s chocolate factory and got shrunk to a crisp.I would like to share my feelings with you.Well today was an adventure.After all of that my moaning father carried me back in his terribly stinky pocket and I did not like that.Anyway I still love him anyway.Now when I was at the amazing mr willy wonka’s factory I was havering a lovely time until I stumbled across this amazing machine that allows you to travel across a telee vinsion and then on every single TV in the world turns of what they were watching and a mr willy wonka advert pops up and say’s would you like to try one of my creations. But then an idea
popped into my head saying go on have a go and I did and I’d got my goggels on and hopped into the machine and pressed the bottom mr wonks and my mum said no don’t do it you will be split in half but I did not listen and this is why I am small now I wish I could be big again because I can’t do the things I used to be able to do but now I can’t do anything without being swished and I do not like that.

Anayaway I need to close this to an end mike TV.

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Writing a formal letter to Mr Wonka


Salt and pepper cottage
Salter Lane
Salt Shire
SA34 6DH
Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
CH35 8FV

Dir Sir

I am writing  to  complain about  my poor Veruca  salt. Yesterday I was   ashamed  that  you  dragged  us  through  doors  so we  didn’t  get  a  tour  around  the  whole  factory


Then  we came to the nut room and my dear Veruca couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful squirrels. My daughter wanted to take care of one your squirrels but you refused.


My Veruca went to get one of your ferocious squirrels grabbed my dear Veruca and pulled her to the floor.  They dragged  her to the  moldy  garbage  shoot. When  she  fell down  Veruca’s  beautiful  pink  dress  was  ruined. The vicious squirrels pushed my sugarplum down the nasty garbage however a mean squirrel pushed me down too.

My Veruca is stranded down in the stinky garbage as  the Oompa  Loompas  sang about my poor sugarplum. I demand compensation for the disgracefulness.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs Salt




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Dear diary


Dear diary,                                                                                                 Yesterday I had a tour around the factory but suddenly I saw a tv and I ran to the TV and then jumped in .                                       Then I came out tiny out of the TV, now my life is difficult since I am tiny and  I can’t go to school.                                                       My dad is planning to make a little house  for me that I  can go inside and have fun.                                                                                   My dog keeps chasing me because I am tiny as a mouse when I don’t want to be chased.

I don’t know what’s my life is gonna be next of how hard it’s gonna be.

from mike teavee

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Formal letter to mr wonka


Blue sky palace,

61 lowstreet

High field buckimham

G96h h66

Mr wonkas factory

Chocolate ville

Posh street

ng34 6dh

dear sir

we are writing to you to complain about the treatment

We had to run around the factory and we did not see every thing in your factory like your cows that milk out chocolate

When we arrived at the nut room  and you denied verucas simple request for a trained squirrel! Then we had to save her and we had the same treatment form the evil squirrels.

we demand money for our treatment our girl has resived

yours sinserly

mr salt



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How to use the chocolate TV machine


1. First put the small and dark goggles so you can see the beautiful room of mine.

2. Next get a collosal chocolate bar ,any flavour and put it on the floor.

3.After that press the big bright red button that says press me.After you have pressed it will zap the chocolate bar.

4.Suddenly the bar will break into millions of tiny pieces and wiz into the air and start traveling

5.Then switch the TV on the other side of the room.

6.Hopefully you will find the remote and find a appropriate channel .

7. Eventually a chocolate bar will appear in your channel.

8.Finally take the chocolate bar out and it will be as good as new!

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Cadburys chocolate time line


1905-Cadbury dairy milk

1908-Bournville chocolate

1920-Cadbury flake

1929-frys crunchie

1938-Cadbury roses

1958-Cadbury picnic

1960-Cadbury buttons

1971- Cadbury creame egg

1981-Cadbury whispa

1989-Cadbury white buttons

1990-Cadbury world opens

2001-Cadbury brunch bar

2013-Cadbury marvallous creations


I hope you like my time line by the help of my Cadburys fact-filr book 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Cadburys quick and fast facts you need to know

  • Did you know a bar of Cadbury Dairy milk is sold every two seconds
  • Did you know in summer 2009, a wispe gold bar wrapped in gold leaf went on sale in Harrods, for 961 pounds 48 pence
  • Cadbury makes about 350 million creme eggs evrey year aloth they are only sold between easter
  • The 5 chocolate makig lines at Bournville can make up 100,000 tonnes of liquid chocolate a year
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Why I love school!


I love school because you learn.

I also love school because learning is fun.

I love school because my Teacher is lovely.

Those are just a few things why:)

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Cadburys World


Initially we were told to get ready by Miss Drake.After,we checked that the double Decker bus was here.We ventured on to it and I sat next to my best friend Frankie when we got there we went inside.

After that we got with are group leader and went to the toilet and we played in the gigantic playground for 15 minutes.Afterwards we lined up for the amazing 4D show before we went to the bean to bar talk.Then we had the scrumptious lunch before we went to the tour around the gigantic factory.

During the tour we went onto to the olden days to the first Cadburys world show.I went to the Cadbury car ride with my friends:Harriet,Hayley and Ellie.When the fun ride finished we rapidly raced down the stairs.

I ran into the next room and I asked politely if I could have poping candy with melted chocolate.After we went to the gift shop and I bought a bouncy ball and a wrist band.

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Cadbury World Trip


On Monday we went to the famous gigantic Cadbury World. We got there on a double deckar bus.
First we went to the 4D show, which was great! Next we went to see the amazing Bean to Bar talk! We learnt that tasty chocolate has milk, sugar and coco beans. We also learnt that Cadbury makes lots of different chocolate bars and is very famous throughout the world. My favorite part of the whole day was the 4D movie which I really enjoyed!!

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writing a recount cabury would


First we got on a double decker bus, I sat on a comfortable seat next to my best friend Jake.

First we went on a double decker bus.After we got there and  went to the toilets.Then we went to see a four d show.After that went to a room and a lady told us about chocolate.Initially

we had lunch.Then we went for a little detour. After we went to the gift shop. Finally we travelled home.

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Cadbury world visit


Yesterday we went to cadbury world .We went on a double decker bus .I sat next to my friend Angela . first we went  on a double decker bus went all the way to Birmingham. Next we went from the coach to the enterance of the one hundned cm  factory. Then  we got  into  groups i was in Mrs Boalers group .After that  we we to the toilets and the taps were      AMAZING  .    Before we went to the four D show  we went to the play area  and played.  Angela was scared to go down   the  slide but i did  .Just then it was time  to go in and  we  all excitedly leaped into the 4d cinema it was  scary.TBC.

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Cadbury World visit


First Miss Drake politely asked us to go and grab our coats and lunch bags.Just then the double decker coach arrived, I double checked my lunch bag  just in case I didn’t like anything in there.Then we had to choose a partener to travel on the coach with, I chose my friend Maddison. While we were bouncing onto the coach I realized 4 Morpurgo was coming on the journey with us. As excited as ever I leaped onto the coach, but I had to slow down a little bit because there was high stairs.Suddenly Maddison telled me that we could sit comfortably at the top front and that it would take less then an hour to get there.

After that we arrived there and ran to a 4D cinama we had to put special glasses on when it started,  I thought it was real life so I banged my foot on the chair in front of me, it was painful.


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Cadburys world visit


Firstly we all got ready to go to the amazing cabdurys world for a great school trip because we were leaning about chocolate.After mr ferina went to check the double  deckar bus and it was here.A while later we arived at cadburys world. 

We bought are tickets so we could adventure in the best building.Then we went outside to have break and there was big ginormas play area which was really fun.

After that we visited a 4D show which was extreme because are chairs move so it was fantastic.

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Cadbury World Visit 2015


On Monday 11th May 2015 4 Tomlinson visited Cadbury World.

we went on a double decker bus, I sat on the top floor it was fun! i sat next to lewis  and behind is jayden and josh, it was a hour drive it was but fun at the same time.We ate chocolate at the factory and we went on a ride we went to a 4d show and park and went to a lady that talks about chocolate.The lady told us how chocolate is made and after we ate lunch and then we went on a tour around the whole factory which during  we tasted some melted chocolate, i had popping candy with my chocolate. After the tour we went to the  gift shop and I bought a cadburys world cup and we went home!

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My recount of Cadburys World


Firstly, we made a line by Miss Drake and went outside ( in the sun) to check that the double deker was outside the school. Next we went on the coach, also I was really lucky because my seat was really cumfy as a pillow. Also, I sat next to my friend Harriet. To get to Cadburys world, it takes 3 quaters of an our to get there. When we got to our destination, quikley, we were splitted up into sevrel groups. Before we went to the 4D cimema , we had 15 minites on the lay area. As we went passed the cinema, we were told that we were going to a presentation called bean to bar. A lady talked her way through, about how you make chocolate products. After that, it was are lunch time. I loved my food, I was delighted! Then we had a little tour around the factory including: A car ride and a photo shoot! After that, we went to the gift shop and I bought a book about chocolate and a dairy milk bar. Finally, it was time to go back to school. I had a really extrordanairy day with my friends!


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I went to cadbures wold on 11.5.15.we went on adubbel decer bus and i sat next to Lewis.


First we got into  are groops my groop leader was miss Boaler.We then watched the 4d show.After that we had are been to bar talk also lunch.


Today i lernt that chocolate dosent be made by peopol its made by mecean and robats that cocabeens grow in hot conterys thaers a line in the midel of the wold.


My fravret part was the 4d show



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Cadburys world!


First we checked if the couch was there after we saw it Miss Drake told us to gather are things together  and  get on the Coach.Next we  got the Double Decker couch my seat was very comfortable. After that  we got of the bus,and the teachers split us up into groups my group leader was Miss Drake and Mrs Hands.After we had gone to the toilet and sorted are selves out we went on the  enourmous playground for fiften  minutes.Then we went in  the 4D show my group sat at the top are chairs shaked.Exsitedly we went in to see the bean to bar talk all based on coco beans at the end we got to go up and look at the  mold they were cool.Later on we had are tasty lunches  while other chrildren were playing  in tuyhe play ground it was realy busy.After lunch we had mouth watering melted chocolate with marshmallows.Finaly we visted the gift shop and i bought some magnets. After that we got on the couch and went back to school.

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Charlie with the golden ticket


Charlie was struggling. He hadn’t eaten a proper meal in days.Since his dad had lost his job, there was no hope, not even with a single 10p. As the winter spread all over town, his body, which you can see his bones, was binging to turn as white as snow.As Charlie walked as slow as a snail on the path, he caught a glimpse of shiny coin hidden in the snow. Charlie froze. What was he going to do with it ? He knew what he was going to do with it. Charlie slowly turned around to Rajas shop. Every kid Charlie knew went to there. It was time for Charlie to adventure the shop. As he stepped in a voice said “can I help you?” ” May i have a fudge mallow – dielight please?” asked the young boy. Raja quikley went up his shop ladder and scopped up the chocolate bar. With in a second, Charlie was outside, unrapping the paper. As soon as Charlie opened a bit of the wrapping paper, he saw the last wonkas golden ticket sunbathing on the bar. Charlie raced home as fast as lightning intil he reached his croked house. As Charlie walked  explained how he got his hands on the chocolate bar, Grandpa Joe, for the first time ever, leaped out from his bed and shouted YIPPE. Every bodys mouths were open wide with astonished at a 79 man dancing around.

What it said onthe golden ticket

Come on the 1 of Febuary at 10:oo sharp, thats tommorow!” Charlies mum explained to the poor family. Mr Bucket checked the Calender just incase it wasnt tommorow. Mr Bucket nodded. It was tommorow. Charlie couldnt hardley wait, he was full with excitment.

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………………YEH!!!!!!!


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Why my teacher is the best :) by Lily


My teacher is the best, why? Because her vioce is like angels from the sky.

My teacher is the best, why? Because her lessons are always fun.

My teacher is the best, why? Because her smile is the happiest thing to see.

My teacher is the best, why? Because her hair is as smoth as melted chocolate.

My teacher is the best, why? Because her PE times are loads of fun.

My teacher is the best, why? Because she is the gentelest of all time.


Mrs Drake you are the best ever, so charis this poem so you can remember me 🙂

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Charlie’s story


Charlie was struggling.He was struggling to keep the Bucket family alive even though there very hungry and very frozen?His father had lost his job just a week ago and can’t  do anything about it.Charlie had came back from school when he stood in the distance by the factory.He gently sniffed the smoothed air he could smell  destiny coming to him . Glaring  on the floor beside  him he  spotted a 50p note on the floor and thought it was  someone’s  but nobody aw served him.

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The golden ticket has been found!


Charlie paused for a moment ,turning to the busy
town centre. He reached to the little sweet shop ,
“Please can I have a FUDGE MELLOW DELIGHT,”asked Charlie
politely.”You may,”replied Mr Tim. Charlie gave Mr Tim
the coin that he was clutching in his hands.

After Charlie got his chocolate bar he ran as fast as
lighting home.”Grandpa Joe”,shouted Charlie “what is it
boy”,asked Grandpa Joe immediately. After Charlie handed
out the chocolate bar. Charlie opened it.They both saw
Something glittering it was a golden ticket.

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Favourite paragraphs


Charlie slowly strolled down the street and as he was turning a bendy corner he spotted Mr Tims sweet shop.This sweet shop had been standing there for years ,however Charlie had never been in it before.When Charlie proudly walked in he smelt the chocolatey air drifting through him and saw all the jars of sweets on different shelves and then he spotted what he was looking for.

“Excuse me”Charlie whispered

“Yes boy”boomed Mr Tim

“Please may I have a Fudge Mallow Delight,” politely asked Charlie.

Mr Tim grabbed hold of the delightful treat and gave it to Charlie ,as fast as he could he bounced out of the shop joy in his heart.When he got out of the shop Charlie slowly unwrapped the cover and saw …………………A GOLDEN TICKET Charlie was shocked and as fast as lightening he raced home like a race car.

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The amazing story of charlie and the choclate factory


Charlie was struggling. His family hadn't eaten substantial for days. Charlie's family was frozen and hungry.

They really want food because they're poor. Charlie went to get some food.

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Charlie and the choclate factory


Chapter 1

Charlie and his family was starving and freezing there house was shattered and they don’t have any money since Charlies Dad lost his job,They can’t even pay half of the food they need did for the family of seven.The extremely frozen weather makes the Buckets every more cold and hunger.

One frosty morning Charlie stared to walk to school very slowly he paused out side the shop because he saw something shine in the snow he crouched down to pick it up and it was a 50p Charlie quietly said,”It’s a 50 pence”.

Charile didn’t know want to do with it dose he sends it on a chocolate bar and food or just food ,There was so many thoughts about want to do.

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Charlie and the chocolate factory (episode1 part 1 made by Peter17)


Charlie was anxious and exhausted. He hasn’t had a decent dinner for two months! Mr bucket lost his job and couldn’t get another one.

Charlie’s fingers and toes are numb with the freezing cold. London had a heavy blizzard for the whole of winter.

suddenly Charlie saw something glimmering in the snow.”what’s that” he thought, Bending over he picks it up,”It’s a whole 50 pence!” Shouted Charlie.

and what will happen next! Hope you enjoyed it and plz tell me in comments 😀 More in part 2 episode 1

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Youngsters strike gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



On MONDAY 17TH OF MAY 1989 TWO FIRST GOLDEN TIKETETS , Mr Wonka had put in his Chocolate Bar’s 5 golden ticket. In Germany Dessel door Augustus Gloop found the first golden tiket followed by Veruca Salt finding the second.

The first lucky winner!
Augustus Gloop who lived in Dusseldorf Germany was taking a bite off a Wonkabar when he tasted something that was not chocolate. He had bitten a chunk of his precious golden ticket. Augustus stated “I am very happy and celebrating by eating more chocolate!” His parents were also delighted!

The second luckuy winner!

veruca salt the secand luky winner bar she wasn’t the one what found the golden ticket one off her dad’s workers found it . veruca stayed Im really happy ive got my golden tiket but now ive got my golden ticket but now I want another pony in fact she was very spoilt by her mum and dad.

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Letter to Mr wonka


Dear Mr wonka,
I am writing to inform you about my supreme choclate bar!This bar of choclate is like no other it has a caramel filling and has haribos inside.I strongly feel that you would love this choclate bar.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy my choclate.
*It has a varity of haribos inside
*Its the biggestchoclate bar ever
*It has a creamy out side

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My favourite part of charlie and the chocolate factory


One day charlie bucket was on the way to school,then some thing caught his eyes,he paused and walked other to the object Charlie found a 50p a hole 50p. Charlie was cone thest he was had as meny.idea suddenly Charlie had an amazing idea.

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letter to mr willy wonka


Dear Mr wonka,
I am writing to inform you about my terrific chocolate it will blow your mind away it is so good and so carefully selected flavours plus it has thing that no other chocolate bars have in it like:

It has a ground braking design

No other bar has six layers

A melted chocolate centre covered in caramel

it is a remarkable chocolate bar it has six different flavors gummy bear , skittles , jelly beans ,smarts and popping candy chocolate and you will get 3 second’s of each flavor on one half and the other half you will get all of the flavors at once .

Sweaty rush will be a sensation do you want a sensation chocolate ? I made sure that we had the brightest raping so we will get a lot of costumer.

your senseily

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Writing a Story


Charlie and his family were starved. When it was frozen and freezing and cold Charlies dad lost his job so they had less money and all they had to eat was icy cabbage and soup.
Charlie went to school and when he went back from school he found a $50 note. He ran back home and showed Grampa Gorgrge and then Charlie went to the shops and then he brought Wonka’s choco bar marshmellow delight. On the second day Charlie went back from his school and then he found another $50 note and this time he went for Wonka’s choco bar raindow cotten candy.But when he payed,the manager gave Charlie another $50 note.

The next day Charlie wanted some choco so he replied to his self”I’m starving,I miles get a Wonkas choco bar again.”But when he went in and there was choclate bars even the wonkas bars.

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Writing a Persuasive Advert


This bar of chocolate is  the  newest  top  of  the  range  Wonka  bar. This delicious bar is smothered with golden candy flavoured like bubblegum!

This bar of Chocolate is a bargain costing you only £1.50! With a tempting offer of buy one get two for free!

In this delicious  chocolate bar  you will find  an  award  wining  toy.  For  any  teenager

this  bar has  got  cream  chocolate  waiting for you to take a delicious bite out of!

Buy it now, you will  regret it when its they’re all gone!

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We are currently reading Charlie and the chocolate in literacy!



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Opening a story one paragraph


Charlie s family is poor and cold and very hungry and Charlie s life is hard,and they are desperate . All Charlie is thinking  is chocolate. Charlie is Hungry as well.

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My idea for Charlie and the chocolate factory (part 2)


One freezing cold day in the middle of winter.After a soggy pice of bread was melted in charlie’s mouth /he finally set off for school. After steping out of the rusty old door.He finally heard that 1 crunch of snow that he had been waiting for.Then with a click and a flash Charlie was off.But he had left 10 miuntes before he would normally go two school at.Because he wanted two have that1 look at mr wonka’s factory.

so he did but suddenly something was shineing in the snow it was a ilver 5 pence coin dug deeply in the snow.After
that he rummejed through the the snow and found the 5 pence coin.

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Writing a persuasive letter


Dear Mr Wonka,

Im writing to you because i would like you to try my enjoyable new chocolate bar which has cotten candy and toffy and jelly beans in side it. When you try it all the chocolate will melt in your mouth and you will taste all the ingreedeents thats in side it.

When you try it you will be serprized and it will be the best chocolate bar that you have ever tasted before. When i bring you the chocolate bar it would be the award winning chocolate bar and you need to make some in your factory!

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One morning which was really cold, Charlie began walking to school. Every since Charlie’s dad had lost his job his family had been struggling for money. Charlie’s stomach was beginning to rumble even more regularly like a volcano. He had to sacrifice his breakfast to give to his grandparents the breakfast they needed.

A Charlie walked his saw something glistening in the gutter. As he got closer he saw that is was something he could have never expected. It was a 50 p pence, just what he was so desperate for!
Charlie was puzzled, what was he to do with all this money? Should he go to his parents? Or spend it all on himself?

He went to Joe’s sweet shop “Hello,” Charlie said silently.

“Yes boy” replied Mr Joe

“Can I have a fudge delight?” questioned Charlie
“yes” he said, he dived behind the counter and grabbed a Fudge Candy Delight. Charlie hurried away from Mr Joe’s shop toward his house.

What will Charlie do next?!

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2 DOWN , 3 TO GO !!!!!!!! by kiera


On Monday the 15th of January 1950, two youngsters, Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop, found each a Golden Ticket. Augustus stated “I know I was going to find one.” His Mother and Father were so proud of him that he celebrated by eating more candy and chocolate. Veruca Salt was also really happy. Her Dad worked in a nut factory and stated “All you women will stop making nuts and start searching for a Golden Ticket, to do that you will unwrap all chocolate.” So they did that, three days later they finally found one.

The first lucky winner!
Augustus gloop was so spoilt that he ate about 15 chocolate bars per day. He didnt stop eating and got fatter and fatter every hour!

The second luky winner!
veruca salt is a spoilt littel girl,her pearunts do everything she said.she was really mad.so one day she got it!

The prize is to go to willy wonkas factory!
So who will be the next lucky winner?

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The second paragraph of Charlie


One damp and and frosty morning Charlie was early for school he walked very slowly. He was thinking of the golden ticket he is so urgent to get it his heart was pounding. Only 1 left he wants to win it. On the way home Charlie paused and looked on the frosty floor he saw something silver on the floor and Picked It up he thought what is it until he realised it was a fifty pence he ran home…

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Charlie and the chocolate factory


Charlie was struggling. His family hadn’t eaten for days,freezing cold breeze surrounded them.Charlie was beginning to get skinnier then ever.The other day Charlie’s farther got fired,so he couldn’t even by a quarter of the food they could eat.One day Charlie was coming back from school when suddenly something shone in his eyes.He bent down and he found a 50p pence e decided to buy 7 chocolate bars from the sop owner Mrs sweet.On the way home he just had to have one of the bars but there was no luck!On the way home Charlie saw loads of advertisements Suddenly!It brought back memory of is dad losing is job..AS Charlie carefully opened the door as he turned the handle he remembered what his life was like before he found the 50p.He tip-toed down the dirty and broken hallway until he reached he tiny room.When he got to the room every one was a sleep.Charlie slowly waked to the bed and woke Grampa Joe up.”Grampa look what I have got I want to open it wit you.” “wow you have got one but you open it shaked,”Grampa Joe “okay,”Charlie replied.He ran is hands down the wrapper and rapidly ripped the cover of but tare was not one to be seen.One by one he opened the wonderful fudge mallow delight! finally on the last one there was a …GOLDEN TICKET!

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An Opening of a Story


Today Charlie struggled. His family starved for days and felt cold and sleeped. Charlie was conserving energy for the rest of the day.

Suddenly Charlie found a shiny silver coin it was…. A fifty pence! He had never seen this amount of money!

I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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Our brilliant food faces!








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Mother’s day cards!!



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Hugo we are going to  start with you so here we go .Write so Hugo you took Isablle’s key with out asking so then you took it home to were you live and put it in the mechanical man and tryed to turn it but then Isablle came and pulled you down to the ground .Next it started to work write but ran out of ink so the mechanical dipped the pen into the pot of ink and began to draw .Later on that day you said that it did something else it had written Isablles great grand dad gorge miles as known as papa gorge .Then Isablle started saying that was hers and her papa gorge and said that your a lier i new you were .Thank you Hugo for your point of view .


write Isablle so you called him a lier for stealing the key and saying that Hugo stole the mechanical man and that you should have the drawing .OK so now i know both sides of the story and heard all of your problems and i now can sort it out well i think you should both work it out together and solve the problem you should work out who it belongs to instead of fighting so i’m going to end this and please do not fight over things.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Chapter 2


Hugo was in his room, looking at his magic book. He knew evry trick in the book like making cards fly just like they old man had done. Slowly, he unraveled a key from his hand! He had managed to grab Isabelle’s necalace without her feeling ( he is a magicain!) He walked to the Atomaten and placed the key in the back of it’s body. Hugo’s heart was pouding with excitment, he could not wait to see what the Robot was going to write…


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Instructions for the MYSTIRIOUS magic trick


1. firstly gently place the coin in the £5.00 note and then show the ordiance the MYSTERIOUS £5.oo note and the coin DISSAPPEAR.

2.Secondly put the coin in the paper.

3.Third then put your magic gluves on your hands.

4 .Then flick the paper 4 times.

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Interview for isabelle


Interviewer:Hello welcome to the show.I am here to ask you some questions about you’re precious key!

Isabelle:Im deilighted  to be on the show.I won’t answer some questions because its to special.

Interviewer:Right lets get started! Why do you have a key around your neck?

Isabelle:because if it was in my pocket it might fall out!

Interviewer:Next question.why is the key so special to you?

Isabelle:that one i cant tell!!!

Interviewer:ok thanks for bieng on the show by

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Interviewing Isabelle!


Interviewer: Hello and welcome to the show Isabelle. Is it okay if we ask you some
quecswe .

Iasbelle: Hi it a pleasure to be here

Interviewing: why is it heart-shaped?

Isabelle: well it for mi secret diary that I keep secrets in.

Interviewer :Goodbye

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Instructions FOR A MAGIC TRICK


.   First you   need    a   five   pawnd   not   and     a     one   pound   coin.

2.   Next   plase     the   one   pound   coun   into   the  five    pound (but

be cerfal)

3.  After   that  flick   the   five   pound    nowt   so    the   one   pound   nowt   don  t    show    the   ordiyons.

4.  then    show    the    ordiyans   your   hands.

5.   finaly   show    the    ordiyans.


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Hugo cabret the necklace


What is that around your neck said Hugo. Isabelle tucked it under her dress and said nothing. She ran and sat down at a cafe still breathing loudly when Hugo sat down oposite her. What is that necklace for. It is none of your buisness, now leave me alone and she ran off saying no more.
I will write about the next chapter soon.Or askme I am in Miss Drakes class.

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Hope you enjoy it 🙂 🙂

1.First deviosly put your 1£ coin  ( or any coin) in your 5£ note ( or any other pound note!)

2.Next fold the green pound note (or whatever the colour is)length way’s top and bottom (remember to place the coin in before fold)

3.Then slowly fold the short sides inwards ,(both sides together.

4.Straight afterwards flick the pound note twice carfully  (make shoure the audince doesn’t see the coin dorpping into your hand!!!! or youll ruin it D:

%.Lastly lazily unfold the pound note, point to show the coins gone.

Created by peter 17

hope you you enjoied it 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Instructions for the magic coin trick


1.First,softly place the golden coin onto the 5 pound note.(Make sure you place the coin just above the cut).

2.Next,gently put your paper onto the table,and fold it 4 times,length ways.(With the coin in it).

3.Then,rapidly flick the paper 3 times,so the coin drops out onto the palm of your hand.(Make sure the audience don’t see the coin).

4.After that,unfold the 5 pound note slowly,and show the audience,and the coin has disappeared.

5.Finally,jester your hands out with the coin balencing the coin on your hand.(Make sure the coin doesn’t fall out).

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Interviewer:-  Hello Isabelle welcome to the show.We are wanting to ask you some questions about the key.

Isabelle:-I’m delighted to be on the show today I don’t mind .

Interviewer:- Do you like the key?

Isabelle:- Yes I do but  it’s  like a precious diamond key neckless but I call it my precious.DIMONDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Intervewer:::::::::::::-Who gave you the key?

Isabelle:- Papa George and mama Gean.

INterviewer: GooD EXERLENTT.

Isabelle:- Thankssssssss.


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1. First gingerly show the audience the £5 pund note (which is as green as grass).
2. Next fold the top and bottum (mak sore that the audience doesn’t see you cut the £5 pound note).
3. Then flick the £5 gently and pass it around in your hand until the coin falls out (Make aure the audience don’t see!)
4.Lastley unfold it and show the audience.

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Instructions for coin trick.


1.Firsterly,steadily place the coin  above the slot.

2.Gingerly,fold the piece of paper over the coin ( fold it in half 2 more times but across)

3. After that, swiftly place it in your hands and gently squeeze  it out .

4.Do a little flick at they edge of the paper  urgently

5.Finally do this sign: show your hands sidish and they audience will be amazed. Heypresto!

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Instruction for the magic coin trick


1.First show the amezed audiencen the shincy golden coin

2.Next caletiously put the £1 in the £5 ponud note

3.Then fold the £5 ponud note.

4.Just then show the fold £5 ponud note to the crowd.

5.Thily cluch hold the£5 ponud note.

6.Sixly thick the £5 ponud rapidly then shach.

7.Finally open the £5 ponud to see the £1 ponud coin has gone.

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Magic coin trick


1.Firstly cerfaly cut a hole in the paper(make shor that the hole is big enoughth to fit the coin in).

2.Secondly cerfaly place the coin in the senter just above the hole.

3.Thirdly fold the paper twice first over then fold side ways.

4.Next show them your left hand then your right hand (drop the coin in your left hand).

5.Then flick the paper up and down 3 times and unfold it also pull it(be carfle not to rip it).

6.Finaly unfold the paper and show them it’s GONE.

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Instructions for a magic coin trick


You will need…

  • Pen
  • £5
  • £1
  1. First you show the noisy audience the mysterious £5 note.
  2. Secondly show the shiny £1 coin and wrap it up in the £5 note.
  3. flick the £5 pound  & cach the £1 into your hand
  4. Show the audience the half opend £5 note.
  5. Next I show the relernul? you get the£5.
  6. after that get the coin out of your hand and show the audience.
  7. Next tell the audienceabout the  slip.
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The special magic trick BY THOMAS


1.first show the amazed children the five pound note and
place the one pound coin carefully.

2.fold the paper manytimes (you fold it 4 times)

3.accurately flick the five pound note three times (wait before it comes magicley)

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