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Hugo’s diary entry


dear diary
Today something horrifying happened .Now let me tellyou what hapened . So at the biggeing i ran up to a old man sleeping in a rusty old stall .Then i qwickly and cwitely i stole a blue mouse wind up toy from the man in the rusty old man in the stall .I was very sneaky becuse i did not want to get cort .

Then he woke up in a shoke!!!!
and he saw me with the wind up mouse and he raced to me saying come here you racull .
Then he called the officer from very far away and the officer could not hear te old man from very far away .Then iran for safetey the old wiked man grabed me and pulled me up in the air i felt devasted because i normaly get away with stealing .Sundenly he toldmetoemty my pockets and i did at first i said no because i did not want to lose my own very spechal note pad and stuff with all my secrets in .Then he took my not book with all my secrets in it was a all my plans to fixs the clok tower .then he let me gow with all my stuff .I did not notes that as i steped back i crushed te toy mouse.The end

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