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Chapter 2


Hugo was in his room, looking at his magic book. He knew evry trick in the book like making cards fly just like they old man had done. Slowly, he unraveled a key from his hand! He had managed to grab Isabelle’s necalace without her feeling ( he is a magicain!) He walked to the […]

Instructions for the MYSTIRIOUS magic trick


1. firstly gently place the coin in the £5.00 note and then show the ordiance the MYSTERIOUS £5.oo note and the coin DISSAPPEAR. 2.Secondly put the coin in the paper. 3.Third then put your magic gluves on your hands. 4 .Then flick the paper 4 times.

Interview for isabelle


Interviewer:Hello welcome to the show.I am here to ask you some questions about you’re precious key! Isabelle:Im deilighted  to be on the show.I won’t answer some questions because its to special. Interviewer:Right lets get started! Why do you have a key around your neck? Isabelle:because if it was in my pocket it might fall out! Interviewer:Next […]

Interviewing Isabelle!


Interviewer: Hello and welcome to the show Isabelle. Is it okay if we ask you some quecswe . Iasbelle: Hi it a pleasure to be here Interviewing: why is it heart-shaped? Isabelle: well it for mi secret diary that I keep secrets in. Interviewer :Goodbye

Instructions FOR A MAGIC TRICK


.   First you   need    a   five   pawnd   not   and     a     one   pound   coin. 2.   Next   plase     the   one   pound   coun   into   the  five    pound (but be cerfal) 3.  After   that  flick   the   five   pound    nowt   so    the   one   pound   nowt   don  t    show    the   ordiyons. 4.  then    show    the    ordiyans   your   hands. 5.   finaly   show    the    ordiyans.  

Hugo cabret the necklace


What is that around your neck said Hugo. Isabelle tucked it under her dress and said nothing. She ran and sat down at a cafe still breathing loudly when Hugo sat down oposite her. What is that necklace for. It is none of your buisness, now leave me alone and she ran off saying no […]



Hope you enjoy it 🙂 🙂 1.First deviosly put your 1£ coin  ( or any coin) in your 5£ note ( or any other pound note!) 2.Next fold the green pound note (or whatever the colour is)length way’s top and bottom (remember to place the coin in before fold) 3.Then slowly fold the short sides […]

Instructions for the magic coin trick


1.First,softly place the golden coin onto the 5 pound note.(Make sure you place the coin just above the cut). 2.Next,gently put your paper onto the table,and fold it 4 times,length ways.(With the coin in it). 3.Then,rapidly flick the paper 3 times,so the coin drops out onto the palm of your hand.(Make sure the audience don’t […]



Interviewer:-  Hello Isabelle welcome to the show.We are wanting to ask you some questions about the key. Isabelle:-I’m delighted to be on the show today I don’t mind . Interviewer:- Do you like the key? Isabelle:- Yes I do but  it’s  like a precious diamond key neckless but I call it my precious.DIMONDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Intervewer:::::::::::::-Who gave […]



1. First gingerly show the audience the £5 pund note (which is as green as grass). 2. Next fold the top and bottum (mak sore that the audience doesn’t see you cut the £5 pound note). 3. Then flick the £5 gently and pass it around in your hand until the coin falls out (Make […]

Instructions for coin trick.


1.Firsterly,steadily place the coin  above the slot. 2.Gingerly,fold the piece of paper over the coin ( fold it in half 2 more times but across) 3. After that, swiftly place it in your hands and gently squeeze  it out . 4.Do a little flick at they edge of the paper  urgently 5.Finally do this sign: […]

Instruction for the magic coin trick


1.First show the amezed audiencen the shincy golden coin 2.Next caletiously put the £1 in the £5 ponud note 3.Then fold the £5 ponud note. 4.Just then show the fold £5 ponud note to the crowd. 5.Thily cluch hold the£5 ponud note. 6.Sixly thick the £5 ponud rapidly then shach. 7.Finally open the £5 ponud […]

Magic coin trick


1.Firstly cerfaly cut a hole in the paper(make shor that the hole is big enoughth to fit the coin in). 2.Secondly cerfaly place the coin in the senter just above the hole. 3.Thirdly fold the paper twice first over then fold side ways. 4.Next show them your left hand then your right hand (drop the […]

Instructions for a magic coin trick


You will need… Pen £5 £1 First you show the noisy audience the mysterious £5 note. Secondly show the shiny £1 coin and wrap it up in the £5 note. flick the £5 pound  & cach the £1 into your hand Show the audience the half opend £5 note. Next I show the relernul? you […]

The special magic trick BY THOMAS


1.first show the amazed children the five pound note and place the one pound coin carefully. 2.fold the paper manytimes (you fold it 4 times) 3.accurately flick the five pound note three times (wait before it comes magicley)

instructions for a magic coin trick


1    First swiftly show the £5  note to the audiance and place the £1 coin in the senter were there is a slip(be cerfull the coin might fall and theywill know how you have done it.) 2 Then caushushly fold the £5 note up cafully and make sure there is a slip in the sennter […]



You will need ! .some sissors .pencil and ruler .5 pound note . 1 pound 1 .First deviosly get some sissors and a 5 pound note and also a 1 pound. 2.Secondly get the sissors and cut in the middle and then place the 1 pound coin above the 5 pound note were the cut […]

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Hugo Cabret:the necalace.


“What’s that?”Hugo asked.”Nothing” Isabelle said,tucking the thing behind her shirt. “I want to look at it, now let me have a look!” he damanded. “No”she said and with those words she ran off. Hugo chased after her,hoping she would stop. Isabelle stoped at a cafe table, she huffed and landed on the chair.” What’s that […]



POLICE FACT FILE WHAT THEY CARRY AROUND WITH THEM They normally carry around with them some cuffs/some pepper WHAT THEY WERE ! spray and a tazer there are allot of pockets in a police mans They were a thick belt so what ever you have to carry around with you you can put it in […]

The way how to get to the three little pig’s house


When you get to the three little barrels tern right on the hill side Go ahead into the sweet shop  come out the  back  door . go up the hill to grass street and go lift.

Introduction on police fact files!


As you can see,we have been bloging some of are police fact files!I Hope you enjoy all of them

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