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Instructions for a magic coin trick


You will need…

  • Pen
  • £5
  • £1
  1. First you show the noisy audience the mysterious £5 note.
  2. Secondly show the shiny £1 coin and wrap it up in the £5 note.
  3. flick the £5 pound  & cach the £1 into your hand
  4. Show the audience the half opend £5 note.
  5. Next I show the relernul? you get the£5.
  6. after that get the coin out of your hand and show the audience.
  7. Next tell the audienceabout the  slip.
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“Instructions for a magic coin trick”

  1. February 6th, 2015 at 9:22 pm      Reply Mia17 Says:

    +you are an amazing writer lilly
    ?what are you going to do next
    ->try to use some gaps in between your intructions .

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