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Instructions for the magic coin trick


1.First,softly place the golden coin onto the 5 pound note.(Make sure you place the coin just above the cut).

2.Next,gently put your paper onto the table,and fold it 4 times,length ways.(With the coin in it).

3.Then,rapidly flick the paper 3 times,so the coin drops out onto the palm of your hand.(Make sure the audience don’t see the coin).

4.After that,unfold the 5 pound note slowly,and show the audience,and the coin has disappeared.

5.Finally,jester your hands out with the coin balencing the coin on your hand.(Make sure the coin doesn’t fall out).

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“Instructions for the magic coin trick”

  1. February 18th, 2015 at 12:06 pm      Reply Mia17 Says:

    jaime you are such a good writer
    you thought so carefully how the magic trick was going to happen
    try not to use an a adjective that dosent with a word.but it was a nice piece of work

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