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Magic coin trick


1.Firstly cerfaly cut a hole in the paper(make shor that the hole is big enoughth to fit the coin in).

2.Secondly cerfaly place the coin in the senter just above the hole.

3.Thirdly fold the paper twice first over then fold side ways.

4.Next show them your left hand then your right hand (drop the coin in your left hand).

5.Then flick the paper up and down 3 times and unfold it also pull it(be carfle not to rip it).

6.Finaly unfold the paper and show them it’s GONE.

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“Magic coin trick”

  1. February 6th, 2015 at 2:49 pm      Reply Mr Gaskell Says:

    + You have set out your work brilliantly
    ? Do you think someone could follow your instructions accurately?
    -> Try to leave a space after the number for instructions.

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