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Hugo we are going to  start with you so here we go .Write so Hugo you took Isablle’s key with out asking so then you took it home to were you live and put it in the mechanical man and tryed to turn it but then Isablle came and pulled you down to the ground .Next it started to work write but ran out of ink so the mechanical dipped the pen into the pot of ink and began to draw .Later on that day you said that it did something else it had written Isablles great grand dad gorge miles as known as papa gorge .Then Isablle started saying that was hers and her papa gorge and said that your a lier i new you were .Thank you Hugo for your point of view .


write Isablle so you called him a lier for stealing the key and saying that Hugo stole the mechanical man and that you should have the drawing .OK so now i know both sides of the story and heard all of your problems and i now can sort it out well i think you should both work it out together and solve the problem you should work out who it belongs to instead of fighting so i’m going to end this and please do not fight over things.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. March 13th, 2015 at 3:51 pm      Reply Miss Drake Says:

    + I really like your interview style report.
    ? What inspired you to write this?
    -> Remember next time we use contrasting connectives in balanced reports.

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