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2 DOWN , 3 TO GO !!!!!!!! by kiera


On Monday the 15th of January 1950, two youngsters, Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop, found each a Golden Ticket. Augustus stated “I know I was going to find one.” His Mother and Father were so proud of him that he celebrated by eating more candy and chocolate. Veruca Salt was also really happy. Her Dad worked in a nut factory and stated “All you women will stop making nuts and start searching for a Golden Ticket, to do that you will unwrap all chocolate.” So they did that, three days later they finally found one.

The first lucky winner!
Augustus gloop was so spoilt that he ate about 15 chocolate bars per day. He didnt stop eating and got fatter and fatter every hour!

The second luky winner!
veruca salt is a spoilt littel girl,her pearunts do everything she said.she was really mad.so one day she got it!

The prize is to go to willy wonkas factory!
So who will be the next lucky winner?

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