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Charlie and the chocolate factory


Charlie was struggling. His family hadn’t eaten for days,freezing cold breeze surrounded them.Charlie was beginning to get skinnier then ever.The other day Charlie’s farther got fired,so he couldn’t even by a quarter of the food they could eat.One day Charlie was coming back from school when suddenly something shone in his eyes.He bent down and he found a 50p pence e decided to buy 7 chocolate bars from the sop owner Mrs sweet.On the way home he just had to have one of the bars but there was no luck!On the way home Charlie saw loads of advertisements Suddenly!It brought back memory of is dad losing is job..AS Charlie carefully opened the door as he turned the handle he remembered what his life was like before he found the 50p.He tip-toed down the dirty and broken hallway until he reached he tiny room.When he got to the room every one was a sleep.Charlie slowly waked to the bed and woke Grampa Joe up.”Grampa look what I have got I want to open it wit you.” “wow you have got one but you open it shaked,”Grampa Joe “okay,”Charlie replied.He ran is hands down the wrapper and rapidly ripped the cover of but tare was not one to be seen.One by one he opened the wonderful fudge mallow delight! finally on the last one there was a …GOLDEN TICKET!

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“Charlie and the chocolate factory”

  1. May 8th, 2015 at 1:35 pm      Reply Joseph1417 Says:

    +really good presentation looking forward for more work
    >add more more full stops
    ?Are you going to do more

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