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Favourite paragraphs


Charlie slowly strolled down the street and as he was turning a bendy corner he spotted Mr Tims sweet shop.This sweet shop had been standing there for years ,however Charlie had never been in it before.When Charlie proudly walked in he smelt the chocolatey air drifting through him and saw all the jars of sweets on different shelves and then he spotted what he was looking for.

“Excuse me”Charlie whispered

“Yes boy”boomed Mr Tim

“Please may I have a Fudge Mallow Delight,” politely asked Charlie.

Mr Tim grabbed hold of the delightful treat and gave it to Charlie ,as fast as he could he bounced out of the shop joy in his heart.When he got out of the shop Charlie slowly unwrapped the cover and saw …………………A GOLDEN TICKET Charlie was shocked and as fast as lightening he raced home like a race car.

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