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Writing a Story


Charlie and his family were starved. When it was frozen and freezing and cold Charlies dad lost his job so they had less money and all they had to eat was icy cabbage and soup.
Charlie went to school and when he went back from school he found a $50 note. He ran back home and showed Grampa Gorgrge and then Charlie went to the shops and then he brought Wonka’s choco bar marshmellow delight. On the second day Charlie went back from his school and then he found another $50 note and this time he went for Wonka’s choco bar raindow cotten candy.But when he payed,the manager gave Charlie another $50 note.

The next day Charlie wanted some choco so he replied to his self”I’m starving,I miles get a Wonkas choco bar again.”But when he went in and there was choclate bars even the wonkas bars.

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