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Youngsters strike gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



On MONDAY 17TH OF MAY 1989 TWO FIRST GOLDEN TIKETETS , Mr Wonka had put in his Chocolate Bar’s 5 golden ticket. In Germany Dessel door Augustus Gloop found the first golden tiket followed by Veruca Salt finding the second.

The first lucky winner!
Augustus Gloop who lived in Dusseldorf Germany was taking a bite off a Wonkabar when he tasted something that was not chocolate. He had bitten a chunk of his precious golden ticket. Augustus stated “I am very happy and celebrating by eating more chocolate!” His parents were also delighted!

The second luckuy winner!

veruca salt the secand luky winner bar she wasn’t the one what found the golden ticket one off her dad’s workers found it . veruca stayed Im really happy ive got my golden tiket but now ive got my golden ticket but now I want another pony in fact she was very spoilt by her mum and dad.

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