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Cadburys world!


First we checked if the couch was there after we saw it Miss Drake told us to gather are things together  and  get on the Coach.Next we  got the Double Decker couch my seat was very comfortable. After that  we got of the bus,and the teachers split us up into groups my group leader was Miss Drake and Mrs Hands.After we had gone to the toilet and sorted are selves out we went on the  enourmous playground for fiften  minutes.Then we went in  the 4D show my group sat at the top are chairs shaked.Exsitedly we went in to see the bean to bar talk all based on coco beans at the end we got to go up and look at the  mold they were cool.Later on we had are tasty lunches  while other chrildren were playing  in tuyhe play ground it was realy busy.After lunch we had mouth watering melted chocolate with marshmallows.Finaly we visted the gift shop and i bought some magnets. After that we got on the couch and went back to school.

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“Cadburys world!”

  1. June 26th, 2015 at 9:13 am      Reply Lily17 Says:

    +Great use of language Harriet!
    ? What was your faviroute part?
    ! Next time, could you describe it a bit more?

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