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Charlie with the golden ticket


Charlie was struggling. He hadn’t eaten a proper meal in days.Since his dad had lost his job, there was no hope, not even with a single 10p. As the winter spread all over town, his body, which you can see his bones, was binging to turn as white as snow.As Charlie walked as slow as a snail on the path, he caught a glimpse of shiny coin hidden in the snow. Charlie froze. What was he going to do with it ? He knew what he was going to do with it. Charlie slowly turned around to Rajas shop. Every kid Charlie knew went to there. It was time for Charlie to adventure the shop. As he stepped in a voice said “can I help you?” ” May i have a fudge mallow – dielight please?” asked the young boy. Raja quikley went up his shop ladder and scopped up the chocolate bar. With in a second, Charlie was outside, unrapping the paper. As soon as Charlie opened a bit of the wrapping paper, he saw the last wonkas golden ticket sunbathing on the bar. Charlie raced home as fast as lightning intil he reached his croked house. As Charlie walked  explained how he got his hands on the chocolate bar, Grandpa Joe, for the first time ever, leaped out from his bed and shouted YIPPE. Every bodys mouths were open wide with astonished at a 79 man dancing around.

What it said onthe golden ticket

Come on the 1 of Febuary at 10:oo sharp, thats tommorow!” Charlies mum explained to the poor family. Mr Bucket checked the Calender just incase it wasnt tommorow. Mr Bucket nodded. It was tommorow. Charlie couldnt hardley wait, he was full with excitment.

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………………YEH!!!!!!!


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