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Cadbury World Trip


On Monday we went to the famous gigantic Cadbury World. We got there on a double deckar bus.
First we went to the 4D show, which was great! Next we went to see the amazing Bean to Bar talk! We learnt that tasty chocolate has milk, sugar and coco beans. We also learnt that Cadbury makes lots of different chocolate bars and is very famous throughout the world. My favorite part of the whole day was the 4D movie which I really enjoyed!!

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“Cadbury World Trip”

  1. September 21st, 2015 at 7:29 am      Reply Chloe17 Says:

    > Do not forget commas Jaymie my friend .
    ? Jaymie i enjoyed the 4D cinema to but my favourite part was the park and the gift shop .
    + did you enjoy your trip my lovely .

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