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Cadbury World visit


First Miss Drake politely asked us to go and grab our coats and lunch bags.Just then the double decker coach arrived, I double checked my lunch bag  just in case I didn’t like anything in there.Then we had to choose a partener to travel on the coach with, I chose my friend Maddison. While we were bouncing onto the coach I realized 4 Morpurgo was coming on the journey with us. As excited as ever I leaped onto the coach, but I had to slow down a little bit because there was high stairs.Suddenly Maddison telled me that we could sit comfortably at the top front and that it would take less then an hour to get there.

After that we arrived there and ran to a 4D cinama we had to put special glasses on when it started,  I thought it was real life so I banged my foot on the chair in front of me, it was painful.


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