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Cadburys World


Initially we were told to get ready by Miss Drake.After,we checked that the double Decker bus was here.We ventured on to it and I sat next to my best friend Frankie when we got there we went inside.

After that we got with are group leader and went to the toilet and we played in the gigantic playground for 15 minutes.Afterwards we lined up for the amazing 4D show before we went to the bean to bar talk.Then we had the scrumptious lunch before we went to the tour around the gigantic factory.

During the tour we went onto to the olden days to the first Cadburys world show.I went to the Cadbury car ride with my friends:Harriet,Hayley and Ellie.When the fun ride finished we rapidly raced down the stairs.

I ran into the next room and I asked politely if I could have poping candy with melted chocolate.After we went to the gift shop and I bought a bouncy ball and a wrist band.

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