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Writing a formal letter to Mr Wonka


Salt and pepper cottage Salter Lane Salt Shire SA34 6DH Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Chocoville Chocoshire CH35 8FV Dir Sir I am writing  to  complain about  my poor Veruca  salt. Yesterday I was   ashamed  that  you  dragged  us  through  doors  so we  didn’t  get  a  tour  around  the  whole  factory   Then  we came […]

Dear diary


Dear diary,                                                                                                 Yesterday I had a tour […]

Formal letter to mr wonka


Blue sky palace, 61 lowstreet High field buckimham G96h h66 Mr wonkas factory Chocolate ville Posh street ng34 6dh dear sir we are writing to you to complain about the treatment We had to run around the factory and we did not see every thing in your factory like your cows that milk out chocolate […]

How to use the chocolate TV machine


1. First put the small and dark goggles so you can see the beautiful room of mine. 2. Next get a collosal chocolate bar ,any flavour and put it on the floor. 3.After that press the big bright red button that says press me.After you have pressed it will zap the chocolate bar. 4.Suddenly the […]