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Formal letter to mr wonka


Blue sky palace,

61 lowstreet

High field buckimham

G96h h66

Mr wonkas factory

Chocolate ville

Posh street

ng34 6dh

dear sir

we are writing to you to complain about the treatment

We had to run around the factory and we did not see every thing in your factory like your cows that milk out chocolate

When we arrived at the nut room  and you denied verucas simple request for a trained squirrel! Then we had to save her and we had the same treatment form the evil squirrels.

we demand money for our treatment our girl has resived

yours sinserly

mr salt



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“Formal letter to mr wonka”

  1. September 21st, 2015 at 7:18 am      Reply Chloe17 Says:

    > were is your commas at Dear sir peter.
    ? are you proud of your work?
    + Lovely work my lovely keep it up

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