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Dear diary,
Today I visited Mr Willy wonka’s chocolate factory and got shrunk to a crisp.I would like to share my feelings with you.Well today was an adventure.After all of that my moaning father carried me back in his terribly stinky pocket and I did not like that.Anyway I still love him anyway.Now when I was at the amazing mr willy wonka’s factory I was havering a lovely time until I stumbled across this amazing machine that allows you to travel across a telee vinsion and then on every single TV in the world turns of what they were watching and a mr willy wonka advert pops up and say’s would you like to try one of my creations. But then an idea
popped into my head saying go on have a go and I did and I’d got my goggels on and hopped into the machine and pressed the bottom mr wonks and my mum said no don’t do it you will be split in half but I did not listen and this is why I am small now I wish I could be big again because I can’t do the things I used to be able to do but now I can’t do anything without being swished and I do not like that.

Anayaway I need to close this to an end mike TV.

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