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Cadbury world visit


Yesterday we went to cadbury world .We went on a double decker bus .I sat next to my friend Angela . first we went  on a double decker bus went all the way to Birmingham. Next we went from the coach to the enterance of the one hundned cm  factory. Then  we got  into  groups […]

Charlie’s story


Charlie was struggling.He was struggling to keep the Bucket family alive even though there very hungry and very frozen?His father had lost his job just a week ago and can’t  do anything about it.Charlie had came back from school when he stood in the distance by the factory.He gently sniffed the smoothed air he could […]



Interviewer:-  Hello Isabelle welcome to the show.We are wanting to ask you some questions about the key. Isabelle:-I’m delighted to be on the show today I don’t mind . Interviewer:- Do you like the key? Isabelle:- Yes I do but  it’s  like a precious diamond key neckless but I call it my precious.DIMONDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Intervewer:::::::::::::-Who gave […]

Police fact file.


WEAPONS. Police have Guns, Batons, shields and other things . DRUG DEALERS. If police  see  drugs they go  and investigate and see what s going on. Drugs are BAD. UNIFORMS . Police have metal jackets, Drivers jackets, They also  have black utility belts.   Did you know ???? Police dogs have a good sence of […]

Invention of Hugo cabret.[Diary].


Dear Diary, Today something terrible happened ! my notebook has been taken and burnt to bits. All my fantastic tomatom secrets has been revealed for the first time in forever .It was the cantankerous old man from the shop across the way. I neaded all those things for my clock work. I feel so paranoid the shopkeepers eletric […]