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Why I love school!


I love school because you learn. I also love school because learning is fun. I love school because my Teacher is lovely. Those are just a few things why:)

Police fact flie


Did you know? Police offcers are on duty 24 hous. Police offcers take in terns day and night shifts. Police direct traffic. Police animals Dogs Horses Trancport Botes Horses Cars Helocopters Bikes Wepons Guns Peper spra Hand coves Taser Unifoms Yellow jacet Black troses Black teshart

Description rain of a train station


Hear . The sound of the lodly paterring on the track. Touch .A stik on the train. .The trak. . The sound of the chattering/tall people. . The loud sound of the brakes stopping. See . The ennormas engens are belowing smoke out. . Snow pasing pase my. . Wind floing pased my face smell […]