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How to use the chocolate TV machine


1. First put the small and dark goggles so you can see the beautiful room of mine. 2. Next get a collosal chocolate bar ,any flavour and put it on the floor. 3.After that press the big bright red button that says press me.After you have pressed it will zap the chocolate bar. 4.Suddenly the […]

Cadburys world!


First we checked if the couch was there after we saw it Miss Drake told us to gather are things together  and  get on the Coach.Next we  got the Double Decker couch my seat was very comfortable. After that  we got of the bus,and the teachers split us up into groups my group leader was […]

Charlie and the chocolate factory


Charlie was struggling. His family hadn’t eaten for days,freezing cold breeze surrounded them.Charlie was beginning to get skinnier then ever.The other day Charlie’s farther got fired,so he couldn’t even by a quarter of the food they could eat.One day Charlie was coming back from school when suddenly something shone in his eyes.He bent down and […]

Hugo cabret the necklace


What is that around your neck said Hugo. Isabelle tucked it under her dress and said nothing. She ran and sat down at a cafe still breathing loudly when Hugo sat down oposite her. What is that necklace for. It is none of your buisness, now leave me alone and she ran off saying no […]

Inspirational speech


Soldiers, I know its cold and it is wet and your all missing your family but we must carry on doing are amazing job. Tomorrow all this will be ares when we invade Britain. If you help me , we could rule the world. I promise each and everyone of you will be rewarded for […]

The battle!! (poem)


The scrape of sword against shield, my friends lying injured in this field. They enemy just keep on coming they do not seem to rest, They broke down are defences are lines are in a mess. Blood scattered on the floor, as we finish of the war. The heart beat of a roman soldier, as […]



Come and get your self involved with Romans at Roman Remains where you will  be able to dig and find a artefact from a Roman. Don’t you want to be recognised as a Roman genius. Here lods of remains are wating to be discoverd by come and have adventure with us. Unfotantly you have to […]

A diary entry


Dear diary, Today was a terrible day I decided to stab sparticus in the back as hard as a builling falling on top of you. I started to run as fast as I could I skided into the closest passage way there was and that was the sewer. It is wet and my body is […]

a letter to ma,


Dear Ma, As you have probably noticedI I have made a difficult choice I have decided to join the terrifying army. The poster made me no choice I had to. Why did I go your probably thinking well… One reason is it feels like duty to support my country and to attack the vicious Germans! […]