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writing a recount cabury would


First we got on a double decker bus, I sat on a comfortable seat next to my best friend Jake. First we went on a double decker bus.After we got there and  went to the toilets.Then we went to see a four d show.After that went to a room and a lady told us about […]

Writing a persuasive letter


Dear Mr Wonka, Im writing to you because i would like you to try my enjoyable new chocolate bar which has cotten candy and toffy and jelly beans in side it. When you try it all the chocolate will melt in your mouth and you will taste all the ingreedeents thats in side it. When […]

police fact file


Police officers can work at night and they also can work with dogs. Police officers have different kind of weapons other police things. Police officers take it in terns to stay on duty every night so criminals don`t brake in. Police officers have different electric stuff  like a walkie talkie to talk to different people.