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Cadbury World visit


First Miss Drake politely asked us to go and grab our coats and lunch bags.Just then the double decker coach arrived, I double checked my lunch bag  just in case I didn’t like anything in there.Then we had to choose a partener to travel on the coach with, I chose my friend Maddison. While we […]

Favourite paragraphs


Charlie slowly strolled down the street and as he was turning a bendy corner he spotted Mr Tims sweet shop.This sweet shop had been standing there for years ,however Charlie had never been in it before.When Charlie proudly walked in he smelt the chocolatey air drifting through him and saw all the jars of sweets […]

Instructions for the magic coin trick


1.First,softly place the golden coin onto the 5 pound note.(Make sure you place the coin just above the cut). 2.Next,gently put your paper onto the table,and fold it 4 times,length ways.(With the coin in it). 3.Then,rapidly flick the paper 3 times,so the coin drops out onto the palm of your hand.(Make sure the audience don’t […]