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The amazing story of charlie and the choclate factory


Charlie was struggling. His family hadn’t eaten substantial for days. Charlie’s family was frozen and hungry. They really want food because they’re poor. Charlie went to get some food.

Instructions for the MYSTIRIOUS magic trick


1. firstly gently place the coin in the £5.00 note and then show the ordiance the MYSTERIOUS £5.oo note and the coin DISSAPPEAR. 2.Secondly put the coin in the paper. 3.Third then put your magic gluves on your hands. 4 .Then flick the paper 4 times.

Police fact file


FACT! Police use police dogs to snif out drugs or alcohol and then if the dog barcks then it would warn the police then it will drag the person out of the car

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear  Diary, somthing terrible has happend the old man has trapped me in the tower and something realy bad has happend today the old man stolen my preshioush notebook that you gave me Dad. Next the old man took my note book he mite find out my secrets in my preshioush notebook I NEED MY NOTEBOOK BACK […]



starters. delicious peacock eggs. top quality Fracis . sweet hot African  sweet cake. creamy cake. tasty porridge. exotic bread. tasty lentils.