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I went to cadbures wold on 11.5.15.we went on adubbel decer bus and i sat next to Lewis.   First we got into  are groops my groop leader was miss Boaler.We then watched the 4d show.After that we had are been to bar talk also lunch.   Today i lernt that chocolate dosent be made […]

Magic coin trick


1.Firstly cerfaly cut a hole in the paper(make shor that the hole is big enoughth to fit the coin in). 2.Secondly cerfaly place the coin in the senter just above the hole. 3.Thirdly fold the paper twice first over then fold side ways. 4.Next show them your left hand then your right hand (drop the […]



Transport. police wrok on foot,car,horse,bike and motercles. Wepons. The weapons are guns,batons and tasers.They arespeshaly traned with them. Police gadists. They have magnfine glassis,torchis and wallky-tallkys. Did you know? Police work 40 hours a week and 24 hours a day.

Hugo’s diary


Dear diry Yesterday somthing terabel has happened! My precious note book has been stolen by the ancsh old. Before that the old man grabed my arm. My note book is precious to me because it had my seecrets in it. It is also a family note book and has family idears. Next time I’m going to […]