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2 DOWN , 3 TO GO !!!!!!!! by kiera


On Monday the 15th of January 1950, two youngsters, Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop, found each a Golden Ticket. Augustus stated “I know I was going to find one.” His Mother and Father were so proud of him that he celebrated by eating more candy and chocolate. Veruca Salt was also really happy. Her Dad […]

hugos diary entry !


Dear Diary, something terrebl has happened! my notebook has been stolen by a terribl old man, he wodent give me it bake. He grabd me and puld me forwds to him. I shoted ‘give me it bake!’ the old man wisperd ‘NO!’. However after that he said he was going to bern my notebook’ so […]


Mouthwatering  jelly  fish and Peacock  tong   Ingredients: jelly fish [ tow] A peacock tong  [ one] and one jug of water 1]  First you will need  to get your pan and  put it on a cooker , [ your pan needs to  be on 24’C .]