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My favourite part of charlie and the chocolate factory


One day charlie bucket was on the way to school,then some thing caught his eyes,he paused and walked other to the object Charlie found a 50p a hole 50p. Charlie was cone thest he was had as meny.idea suddenly Charlie had an amazing idea.

Instruction for the magic coin trick


1.First show the amezed audiencen the shincy golden coin 2.Next caletiously put the £1 in the £5 ponud note 3.Then fold the £5 ponud note. 4.Just then show the fold £5 ponud note to the crowd. 5.Thily cluch hold the£5 ponud note. 6.Sixly thick the £5 ponud rapidly then shach. 7.Finally open the £5 ponud […]

Police Factfile


Weapon                                                                      Transport Hand cuffs,tazer,tazer                                               Car,Hores,mouter bike,batse   gun,gun, baton,pistol,shild                                           ,Heliykopt,bike Police Animals dog  horses

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear Diary, I was robbed by an old man who can find my secrets.  I went to get a wind-up toy mouse but as I reached the toy the old man grabbed my arm and told me to empty my pockets. I emted my pockets only epst one wite the notebook. He got the notebook […]