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Cadburys world visit


Firstly we all got ready to go to the amazing cabdurys world for a great school trip because we were leaning about chocolate.After mr ferina went to check the double  deckar bus and it was here.A while later we arived at cadburys world.  We bought are tickets so we could adventure in the best building.Then […]

Letter to Mr wonka


Dear Mr wonka, I am writing to inform you about my supreme choclate bar!This bar of choclate is like no other it has a caramel filling and has haribos inside.I strongly feel that you would love this choclate bar. Here are a few reasons why you should buy my choclate. *It has a varity of […]

Interview for isabelle


Interviewer:Hello welcome to the show.I am here to ask you some questions about you’re precious key! Isabelle:Im deilighted  to be on the show.I won’t answer some questions because its to special. Interviewer:Right lets get started! Why do you have a key around your neck? Isabelle:because if it was in my pocket it might fall out! Interviewer:Next […]

hugos diary entry


Dear diary, That old pesky man at the minituare toy shop stole all my belongings and the most preshus thing to me MY NOTE BOOK… I feel so apprehensive all I wanted was that toy mose its unbelievable!My hands were tremberling that day it was terefing. when I looked out the clock I saw the […]

Romans Recipe


Starter Tangy jellyfish and freshly boiled onions. Oven warmed barley porridge. Sparkling soup with mashed lentils. Main course Spicy hot meat stewed in tangy vinegar . Rich in flavor ostrich. delightful door mice. Desert Fresh fruity wine. Rich in flavor hot African wine cakes. fried stone dates.