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Youngsters strike gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BY LILY DAVIS On MONDAY 17TH OF MAY 1989 TWO FIRST GOLDEN TIKETETS , Mr Wonka had put in his Chocolate Bar’s 5 golden ticket. In Germany Dessel door Augustus Gloop found the first golden tiket followed by Veruca Salt finding the second. The first lucky winner! Augustus Gloop who lived in Dusseldorf Germany was […]

Instructions for a magic coin trick


You will need… Pen £5 £1 First you show the noisy audience the mysterious £5 note. Secondly show the shiny £1 coin and wrap it up in the £5 note. flick the £5 pound  & cach the £1 into your hand Show the audience the half opend £5 note. Next I show the relernul? you […]

The way how to get to the three little pig’s house


When you get to the three little barrels tern right on the hill side Go ahead into the sweet shop  come out the  back  door . go up the hill to grass street and go lift.

police fact file


This weck on Thursday the 22nd of January we have been learning about the police. police fact file police   viacels  Some police  viacels can be   veacels or animels like houces /kamels/bike’s moter bike’s & car’s  Pet police  hellper pet police hellper’s are like dog’s  and cach poeple in banjer and in danger.