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Formal letter to mr wonka


Blue sky palace, 61 lowstreet High field buckimham G96h h66 Mr wonkas factory Chocolate ville Posh street ng34 6dh dear sir we are writing to you to complain about the treatment We had to run around the factory and we did not see every thing in your factory like your cows that milk out chocolate […]

Charlie and the chocolate factory (episode1 part 1 made by Peter17)


Charlie was anxious and exhausted. He hasn’t had a decent dinner for two months! Mr bucket lost his job and couldn’t get another one. Charlie’s fingers and toes are numb with the freezing cold. London had a heavy blizzard for the whole of winter. suddenly Charlie saw something glimmering in the snow.”what’s that” he thought, […]

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Hope you enjoy it 🙂 🙂 1.First deviosly put your 1£ coin  ( or any coin) in your 5£ note ( or any other pound note!) 2.Next fold the green pound note (or whatever the colour is)length way’s top and bottom (remember to place the coin in before fold) 3.Then slowly fold the short sides […]

Police fact file!


Basic uniforms yellow visablty jacket(they will be visable during night!). dark cap/helmet. navy jacket,trousers and skirt also low dark shoes. Police gear hand cuffs batton and cs gas(potection for the police) gun’s (e.g:pistol) radio (to keep hold with others) paper work and pocket note book DID YOU KNOW policemen work 24 hours per day but […]

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear diery Dear diary, This morning i was spying on people in the toy roke into booth.Inside the clock with glass numbers, I saw them arguing.Quickly i went through the air-vent to the toy booth.Quitely I sneaked inside the toy booth  and the old man caught my arm,”You theif!” he growed my sqeaky mouse toy […]

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My WW1 letter as a role


Dear Ma, I chose to go to war, for the following resons: The first reason is, I really want to see my pa. I want Britain, with my dad. hopefully we win! The second reason is i want to make you proud also pa. It’s my duty to defend our country, and protect it From […]

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