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Writing a formal letter to Mr Wonka


Salt and pepper cottage Salter Lane Salt Shire SA34 6DH Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Chocoville Chocoshire CH35 8FV Dir Sir I am writing  to  complain about  my poor Veruca  salt. Yesterday I was   ashamed  that  you  dragged  us  through  doors  so we  didn’t  get  a  tour  around  the  whole  factory   Then  we came […]

Writing a Persuasive Advert


This bar of chocolate is  the  newest  top  of  the  range  Wonka  bar. This delicious bar is smothered with golden candy flavoured like bubblegum! This bar of Chocolate is a bargain costing you only £1.50! With a tempting offer of buy one get two for free! In this delicious  chocolate bar  you will find  an […]

Instructions FOR A MAGIC TRICK


.   First you   need    a   five   pawnd   not   and     a     one   pound   coin. 2.   Next   plase     the   one   pound   coun   into   the  five    pound (but be cerfal) 3.  After   that  flick   the   five   pound    nowt   so    the   one   pound   nowt   don  t    show    the   ordiyons. 4.  then    show    the    ordiyans   your   hands. 5.   finaly   show    the    ordiyans.