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instructions for a magic coin trick


1    First swiftly show the £5  note to the audiance and place the £1 coin in the senter were there is a slip(be cerfull the coin might fall and theywill know how you have done it.)

2 Then caushushly fold the £5 note up cafully and make sure there is a slip in the sennter were the pound is over wayst it won’t werk(make sure know one sees the slip.)

3  After that then cerfully show one hand at a time wen your last hand is out the £1 will seceretly come out ( make sure you practise first.)

4  Next thlick the note 3 times then open half then wiggle then open all of it.

5  Finally  the pound won’t be there and there you have it a trick.









You will need !
.some sissors
.pencil and ruler
.5 pound note
. 1 pound

1 .First deviosly get some sissors and a 5 pound note and also a 1 pound.

2.Secondly get the sissors and cut in the middle and then place the 1 pound coin above
the 5 pound note were the cut in the middle is.(make shure not to get the pound coin in the hole)

3.Then make shore the noisy ordyonce is quiet then fold the £5 note up.

4.Secretly flick the £5 note and show each hand once your done . When the money comes
out of the side .(But make shure you hold the side that has the slot on it .)

5.Carerfuly hold the pound in your hand .(But make shure you hold it in tight you
don”t want them to know your holding the pound coin.)

6.Finaly flick it and open it!

Hugo Cabret:the necalace.


“What’s that?”Hugo asked.”Nothing” Isabelle said,tucking the thing behind her shirt. “I want to look at it, now let me have a look!” he damanded. “No”she said and with those words she ran off. Hugo chased after her,hoping she would stop. Isabelle stoped at a cafe table, she huffed and landed on the chair.” What’s that key for?”Hugo quistioned.” None of your concern, nosey parker” After a while, the baker shoowed them of without both of them saying  goodbye…





They normally carry around with them some cuffs/some pepper
WHAT THEY WERE ! spray and a tazer there are allot of pockets in a police mans
They were a thick belt so what ever you have to carry around with you you can
put it in there safely in the pockets.also including torch.
yellow jacket with
armor underneeth.
Also they were
a thick undestructeble
helmet with the logo
saying police on it.
ALSO as well as that
they were thick black
boots and trousers POLICE TRANSPORT

that protect them form They normally go by car because then you don t have to
getting hurt. walk and carry all of that heavy stuff around with you.
sometimes they can go by train or helecopter and all
sorts of cars they can drive in.

did you know ?
police men and women work 24 hours a day and they swap shifts.

The way how to get to the three little pig’s house


When you get to the three little barrels tern right on the hill side

Go ahead into the sweet shop  come out the  back  door .

go up the hill to grass street and go lift.

Introduction on police fact files!


As you can see,we have been bloging some of are police fact files!I Hope you enjoy all of them

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Police fact file!




  • yellow visablty jacket(they will be visable during night!).
  • dark cap/helmet.
  • navy jacket,trousers and skirt also low dark shoes.

Police gear

  • hand cuffs
  • batton and cs gas(potection for the police)
  • gun’s (e.g:pistol)
  • radio (to keep hold with others)
  • paper work and pocket note book


policemen work 24 hours per day but if they work over 25 hours that means they will get more money.fact of did you know 2:if robbers ask policemen and show the other items that they stole they get less time at jail!!epic.

created by Peter17

hope you enjoyed it 😀

Police Factfile


Weapon                                                                      Transport
Hand cuffs,tazer,tazer                                               Car,Hores,mouter bike,batse   gun,gun, baton,pistol,shild                                           ,Heliykopt,bike
Police Animals

  • dog
  •  horses

Police fact file



  • Police use police dogs to snif out drugs or alcohol and then if the dog barcks then it would warn the police then it will drag the person out of the car

police fact file

  • This weck on Thursday the 22nd of January we have been learning about the police.

police fact file

police   viacels

  •  Some police  viacels can be   veacels or animels like
  • houces /kamels/bike’s
  • moter bike’s & car’s
  •  Pet police  hellper
  • pet police hellper’s are like dog’s  and cach poeple
  • in banjer and in danger.

The stolen mountain bike


Beetween friday night and monday morning a bike was stolen and the person who owened the bike was a teacher from boughton ligh jounior school that morning they found some wird evedance’s.Later that day they found the bike and a person riding it he was arested and payed a fine.

police fact file

  • Police officers can work at night and they also can work with dogs.
  • Police officers have different kind of weapons other police things.
  • Police officers take it in terns to stay on duty every night so criminals don`t brake in.
  • Police officers have different electric stuff  like a walkie talkie to talk to different people.

Police fact file.



  • Police have Guns, Batons, shields and other things .


  • If police  see  drugs they go  and investigate and see what s going on. Drugs are BAD.


  • Police have metal jackets, Drivers jackets, They also  have black utility belts.


Did you know ????

  • Police dogs have a good sence of smell  there noses are better then   houres.




  • There are Police officers on duty 24 hours a day .Officers take it in turns to work day and night shifts so that nobody has to work nights all the time .

Police fact flie

  • Did you know?
  • Police offcers are on duty 24 hous.
  • Police offcers take in terns day and night shifts.
  • Police direct traffic.

Police animals

  • Dogs
  • Horses


  • Botes
  • Horses
  • Cars
  • Helocopters
  • Bikes


  • Guns
  • Peper spra
  • Hand coves
  • Taser


  • Yellow jacet
  • Black troses
  • Black teshart




  • police wrok on foot,car,horse,bike and motercles.


  • The weapons are guns,batons and tasers.They arespeshaly traned with them.

Police gadists.

  • They have magnfine glassis,torchis and wallky-tallkys.

Did you know?

  • Police work 40 hours a week and 24 hours a day.

police fact files

  • They find each crime then catch them.
  • They drive a helicopter or a police car.
  • They need wepons order to fight crime with guns.

hugos diary entry !


Dear Diary,
something terrebl has happened! my notebook has been stolen by a terribl old man, he wodent give me it bake. He grabd me and puld me forwds to him. I shoted ‘give me it bake!’ the old man wisperd ‘NO!’.

However after that he said he was going to bern my notebook’ so I said ‘no you wont,my dad gave it to me for my birthday and it had all my dads pichus in’ they were speshil to me.

However after that I ran away.

from Hugo

diary entry from Hugo


Dear diary,
something realy terrible has happened! The old man trapped me and forced me to empty my pockets, but i refused an then he squeesed me. i don’t no wever i can do this any more. i am so interested in his toys.

I am trying to get them. I feel so sorry for the old man he has been wondering were his toys have gone as soon as i stollen the wined up mouse he awoke it was like he was spiying on me .Asi ran he court me he said he might burn them with my candle light and matches i said no . I am so diserpointed in my self wat can
i say. I might get the girl top get my note book and help build a robbot .

from hugo

Crime and punishment poem


The police alarmes are going on,let the trouble makers be gone.

Their guns are out high,while telling the police a lie.

People in the jail,moan and wail

They keep the peace,with there police dogs on their leash.

Peaple drunk driving,who are they deprieving.

Crime and Punishment Poem


The police alarms are going on,let the trouble makers be gone.

Their guns are out high,while telling the police a lie.

People in the jail, moan and wail

They keep the peace,with there police dogs on their leash.

Pe0ple drunk driving,who are they depriving.

Description rain of a train station



. The sound of the lodly paterring on the track. Touch

.A stik on the train.
.The trak.
. The sound of the chattering/tall people.
. The loud sound of the brakes stopping.

. The ennormas engens are belowing smoke out.
. Snow pasing pase my.
. Wind floing pased my face

. The smell of barning drinks.
. The smell of barning steam.
. The smell of freshly baked bread.

Hugo Cabret


We have started our new book in literacy.  ‘The invention of Hugo Cabret’ is a fantastic read and we are really looking forward to reading chapter 2 this afternoon.

Miss Drake

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear diery

Dear diary,

This morning i was spying on people in the toy roke into booth.Inside the clock with glass numbers, I saw them arguing.Quickly i went through the air-vent to the toy booth.Quitely I sneaked inside the toy booth  and the old man caught my arm,”You theif!” he growed my sqeaky mouse toy fell on the floor and broke in to pieces!

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear Diary,

I was robbed by an old man who can find my secrets.  I went to get a wind-up toy mouse but as I reached the toy the old man grabbed my arm and told me to empty my pockets.

I emted my pockets only epst one wite the notebook. He got the notebook and said he might burn it!

from Hugo

Hugo’s Diary entry


Dear Diary,
Today when I was tring to stil the wind-up mouse from the
minatuure toy store.

And in the process my notebook got stden thet my dad gave
me before the frst wonld war.

naw I am tring to steal ti back .my pland to stle the
notebook I hope im successful.

Invention of Hugo cabret.[Diary].


Dear Diary,

Today something terrible happened ! my notebook has been taken and burnt to bits. All my fantastic tomatom secrets has been revealed for the first time in forever .It was the cantankerous old man from the shop across the way. I neaded all those things for my clock work.

I feel so paranoid the shopkeepers eletric mouse was broken so i fixed it for him .I can’t believe my notebooks gone it was a family thing to remember my parents by.It’s like being in your own dream about you loosing your notebook and trying to look for my mystry heart keyand unleeshing the secrets of the tomatom anyway ,The mouse was my aim I sneaked to the shopkeeper’s stall but he woke up and grabbed my hand and asked me what are you doing here .

I will write soonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHugoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:-)

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear Diary,

To day it’s been a teerible day,my nootbook was stolen by the cantankerous old man,who’s the owner of the toy shop,!
I was tring to get a nother wind up toy but he grabbed me bether I can run awawy sow he shouted “Getever think out of your poceits!”
When I did it I ran away when I was running I smelt the reshing taste the smell of douyhts.

I’ll writ soon x

From Hugo

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear Diary,

Today the old man gave me a gigantic fright, he stole my precious notebook.  So I quickly zoomed off from him. I’m going tseal my der.

I can smell hot crosos wiv hot coclat.

from Hugo

Hugo’s diary entry


dear diary
Today something horrifying happened .Now let me tellyou what hapened . So at the biggeing i ran up to a old man sleeping in a rusty old stall .Then i qwickly and cwitely i stole a blue mouse wind up toy from the man in the rusty old man in the stall .I was very sneaky becuse i did not want to get cort .

Then he woke up in a shoke!!!!
and he saw me with the wind up mouse and he raced to me saying come here you racull .
Then he called the officer from very far away and the officer could not hear te old man from very far away .Then iran for safetey the old wiked man grabed me and pulled me up in the air i felt devasted because i normaly get away with stealing .Sundenly he toldmetoemty my pockets and i did at first i said no because i did not want to lose my own very spechal note pad and stuff with all my secrets in .Then he took my not book with all my secrets in it was a all my plans to fixs the clok tower .then he let me gow with all my stuff .I did not notes that as i steped back i crushed te toy mouse.The end

hugos diary entry


Dear diary,
That old pesky man at the minituare toy shop stole all my belongings and the most preshus thing to me MY NOTE BOOK…

I feel so apprehensive all I wanted was that toy mose its unbelievable!My hands were tremberling that day it was terefing.

when I looked out the clock I saw the old man shouting at a girl about my age.When he let go I managed to get away from the station exspecter

Hugo’s diary


Dear diry

Yesterday somthing terabel has happened! My precious note book has been stolen by the ancsh old. Before that the old man grabed my arm.

My note book is precious to me because it had my seecrets in it. It is also a family note book and has family idears.

Next time I’m going to get my note book back and all my toy’s

from Hugo

Hugo diary entry


comDear diay,

something really terrible happened today because the old man at the toy shop stowl my notebook with all my preshus seecuts in that, my dad gave me beforeh he died. But I did go steal one of ,his wind-up toys just because I have nothing to do.when i did do it i felt very scered and anxsion and when he askted me to emtey my pockets i felt like,he was running his fingers throw my private belonging!

I don’t know how he feels but I know that he is rudeand very mean as well rightnow I feel likeI am achly like the garded  for not comeing and geting me or would  be gone .when i got out i felt very luky but i wonder  how does the man feel.

got to close the enty now bye

from hugo




Dear diary,

To day this agitated grupy old man stole my,precious diary.He made me pour out my pockets for no reson, all I wanted was the wiend up mouse.

I ran faster then flash in to my hidey hole and cried my eyes out.I will go back and get my notebook.I will get reveng on the man! I hope next I will be more successful.

From Hugo

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear Diary,

My notebook was stolen by a cantankerous old man so he could find out my secrets.                                                                                                                                                                                Now i’am upset since my notebook is gone for ever and ever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Also the old man grapd me by my t shirt and it willy hurt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Then he ran off  in a stealthy way to go out the station with my notebook.                                                                                                                                                                                                  I also [cross] since now and it hurt my feelings since my notebook is gone.                                                                                                                                                                                                I hope the cops figure it out to make me feel happy again for ever biening happy and stop me being sad. from hugo

Hugo’s diary entry


Dear  Diary,

somthing terrible has happend the old man has trapped me in the tower and something realy bad has happend today the old man stolen my preshioush notebook that you gave me Dad. Next the old man took my note book he mite find out my secrets in my preshioush notebook I NEED MY NOTEBOOK BACK …

After that he told me to empty my pokets.

A train station description


When I enterd in to a frezing cold train station I can see hundreds of people.It felt like a colossol cave full of hiden treasurs.Aftar that I waited for my train it sounded like a hising snake that never ended

Description of train station


As my body entered the majestic,iron gates,the trains were huhmungus snakes slivering around the metal rails.As I walked nearer to the train,the thick smoke suddenly bellowed out of the train, making me nearly choke!

As I peered over they other side of they station,the grand clock tower made me jump!The electricaty was uselss,it was becoming a bats cave.For a second my nose started twiching,it was the fast food shop.Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!




Dear Dairy
Hello my name is corneleus. I am preparing for war and i will battle lots people . Anyway I am going of to war today and i will fight to the with all my might even though i might get knocked down. I am going to get all my armour on and race to get my horse .I will charge and fight . And i will not stop till i win ! Now i am going of to war but now im going to pack my bags and i will be on my way . I am now setting up up my tent and i will sleep there to prepare for battle
. TUESDAY 14TH 2014

Now I will make a campfire and eat food on such as


.stuffed mouse we had to do more traning in the morning . now im of to war now let your journy begin

A Roman Menu



1.  First get some  tomatoes, get some lettuce, some olives and a knife.


2. Next you need to collect lettuce and chop it up carefully


3. After that taste the sauce to see if it is to the right taste


4. Later you need to get some of the lettuce and mix it with the tomatoes
5. After that you need to get some lovely green olives and ostrich


6. Next you need to put it all in the oven


7. After that you get it out the oven and serve it on a huge plate to guests

Inspirational speech



I know its cold and it is wet and your all missing your family but we must carry on doing are amazing job. Tomorrow all this will be ares when we invade Britain. If you help me , we could rule the world. I promise each and everyone of you will be rewarded for the strength and courage you have shown. Once we have done our job we can go back to the Roman Empire with all are riches.





Who’s with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The battle!! (poem)


The scrape of sword against shield,

my friends lying injured in this field.

They enemy just keep on coming they do not seem to rest,

They broke down are defences are lines are in a mess.

Blood scattered on the floor,

as we finish of the war.

The heart beat of a roman soldier,

as the air starts to get colder.

I hope you liked my poem that I made up



Come and get your self involved with Romans at Roman Remains where you will  be able to dig and find a artefact from a Roman. Don’t you want to be recognised as a Roman genius. Here lods of remains are wating to be discoverd by come and have adventure with us. Unfotantly you have to be 7-14 adults allowed to join in the fun. There are a limited amount of tickets so try and get there first. It ison Monday-thursday 3pm to 7 o clock.You will rewarded with a medal as well as the remain that you have had find as mand remains as you can! Come and get your hands dug into this amazing opportunity right in front of your hands. Are number is: 07739325768  Hopfully you will be in contact with us very soon



A diary entry


Dear diary,

Today was a terrible day I decided to stab sparticus in the back as hard as a builling falling on top of you. I started to run as fast as I could I skided into the closest passage way there was and that was the sewer.

It is wet and my body is all wrinkly. when there all asleep I will escape to the amazing town
Write more soon.

Romans Recipe



Tangy jellyfish and freshly boiled onions.

Oven warmed barley porridge.

Sparkling soup with mashed lentils.

Main course

Spicy hot meat stewed in tangy vinegar .

Rich in flavor ostrich.

delightful door mice.


Fresh fruity wine.

Rich in flavor hot African wine cakes.

fried stone dates.


Mouthwatering  jelly  fish and Peacock  tong



jelly fish [ tow]

A peacock tong  [ one]

and one jug of water

1]  First you will need  to get your pan and  put it on a cooker , [ your pan needs to  be on 24’C .]


a letter to ma,


Dear Ma,

As you have probably noticedI I have made a difficult choice I have decided to join the terrifying army. The poster made me no choice I had to. Why did I go your probably thinking well…
One reason is it feels like duty to support my country and to attack the vicious Germans! Another reason is I desperately want to see Pa and stand up to the horrible bullies like you always told me to do. I thought you would be really proud of your precious little boy.

Due to this I crept out at night. It must feel fantastic being in the war. Egsausted because I haven’t had any sleep signing up, going on the slow transport there’s been no stop to this crazy army.All I can think of is Pa because of this I will try to find Pa even if he is in the hidden weppond trenches . If I find Pa I will report to you straight away to and tell you how he is!

With all my love

ww1 poster


Don’t you want to be a hero?Well you need to go to war.No stoping,you need to save Britan whith  your

gear.People  HAVE BEEN INJERED so you need to stop that at once.Mustared gas has been set of  by

aroplanes and German troops are setting up .


so HELP AND STAY SAFE and join,hurry up.

world war one diary


Dear Diary

My dad is in the war fighting the horrible Germans with his and Army of responsibility.                                      Me and everybody else  are hundred present anxious and panicked or terrified about Germans taken over Britain.                                                                                                                                                                                            I ‘am proud of my dad because he didn’t die by the fearful Germans that is week verses Britain and Britain army stopped the Germans from blowing up Britain.                                                                                             But Germans is a looser at would war.




delicious peacock eggs.

top quality Fracis .

sweet hot African  sweet cake.

creamy cake.

tasty porridge.

exotic bread.

tasty lentils.






Soup with lovely deep fried beautiful oinons
Barly porridge
Bread with oven warmed olives
Main course
Award winnig meat stewd in vinegar dipped with bread
Lovely deep fried peacock’s tougue. with a lovely sauce
Hot african sweet and lovely wine cakes topped with top quality wine
top quality fresh fruit also with beautiful figs

pear snoffel with top awardwinning fruit
Straw berry wine with a straw special cow’s blood mixed with lemon and lime .
cherry smothie mixed with white wine
refreshing wine topped with orange juice and lemon and lime

My WW1 letter as a role


Dear Ma,

I chose to go to war, for the following resons:

The first reason is, I really want to see my pa. I want Britain, with my dad. hopefully we win!

The second reason is i want to make you proud also pa. It’s my duty to defend our country, and protect it

From Sydney.



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